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3Com L3 switch 設定概念




Login: recover
*** Password Recovery Mode ***
The administrative password will be cleared if a hard reset operation is
carried out on the device within 30 seconds.
If a hard reset operation is not carried out during this period, the device
will return to the CLI login prompt
countdown = 30 29 28 27 26
*** Password Recovery Mode ***
Enter the new password for the admin user:
Re-enter the new password:
The Password Recovery feature is enabled.
Enter new value (enable,disable)[enable]:
Menu options: --------------3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 4200---------------
 bridge             - Administer bridge-wide parameters
 gettingStarted     - Basic device configuration
 logout             - Logout of the Command Line Interface
 physicalInterface - Administer physical interfaces
 protocol           - Administer protocols
 security           - Administer security
 system             - Administer system-level functions
 trafficManagement - Administer traffic management
Type ? for help
----------------------------------------- (1) ---------------------------
Select menu option:
1.   [說明]
2.   在登錄提示時輸入用戶名recover,密碼也是recover
3.   在系統提示的時間內(30秒),對交換機斷電,再加電
4.   系統重新啟動後,會提示你輸入新的admin用戶的密碼
5.   系統還會提示是否將此密碼恢復的功能開啟還是關閉,預設是開啟狀態